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Being considered a mentor is one of the most rewarding accomplishments a person can achieve. A mentorship can arise from many scenarios such as; professional, personal, athletic, or musical. Regardless of the subject, it is important that a mentor demonstrates their capabilities to hold such a title. If you are ever presented with the opportunity to become a mentor, keep these key traits in mind.


Positive Attitude = Good Role Model


In most situations, a mentor is looked to for inspiration. Although your mentorship may only focus on a specific field, role model behavior should reflect all aspects of life. As you are guiding someone through a specific time in their life, it is important to remain positive as often as possible. Those looking to you for guidance will imitate your reactions to challenging situations. As a mentor, it is your responsibility to present yourself in an appropriate manner. By doing so, you are showing the mentee. Often, mentors will find that their mentees fall into the “monkey see, monkey do” role. This being said, it is of the utmost importance that the mentors are aware of their actions and words in front of their mentees.


Exhibits Enthusiasm


To successfully mentor a person, showing your own enthusiasm for the subject is an important teaching skill. Those who are looking up to the mentor should expect to feel as though they are choosing the right path. If the mentor fails to exhibit their own excitement about the field, the mentees will likely lose their own passion for the area of interest. Enthusiasm must also be put into the mentor-mentee relationship. If a mentee feels as though they’re education is not a priority to the mentor, it could tarnish the relationship. Another important attribute that coincides with enthusiasm is compassion. You must understand that your mentee is likely new and still learning the ins and outs of the subject. Guiding them in the right direction also means adapting to their learning style. By creating lessons targeted to their abilities will make for a strong relationship with your mentee.


As a mentor, you become responsible for making someone as passionate about a certain niche as you. Certain people naturally possess the traits which make up an excellent mentor. For those looking to become a mentor, it is important to develop the necessary skills. It is a huge honor to be considered a mentor. Shaping individuals for a successful future can provide an overwhelming feeling of gratification.