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Having a good mentor can make all the difference in the life of someone that is hoping to grow within their industry. Professionals, both young and those that are more experienced have cited mentoring as an important aspect of their career development. Mentors provide their mentees with advice and resources to ensure that they develop into the best version of themselves. The best mentors do this by getting to know their mentees through asking questions. Here are eight great questions all mentors should ask:


1. What is Success According to You?


This question leads mentor’s to ask about their mentee’s goals. Ideally, the mentee will be able to list their long term and short term goals, as well as any ideas for planning that they might have.


2. What is the Outcome That You Hope For?


If a mentee has multiple opportunities or is having difficulty making a decision, this question will allow them to figure out what end result they want most. The correct action to take will become obvious once their preferred outcome is chosen.


3. What Change Would You Like to See in Five Years?


This a standard job interview question that encourages the candidate to focus on areas of their life that need growth. When answering this questions, mentees will be able to analyze their current situation, making note of the steps they need to take to get to where they’d hope to be.


4. What Are You Struggling With?


Many people find it difficult to ask for help. A mentor should use this question to find out how they can best help their mentee. When given the opportunity to reveal their weaknesses, a mentee will be able to depend on their mentor for much-needed guidance.


5. What Else Would You Like to Tell Me?


This open-ended question is helpful as it allows mentors to have a complete understanding of their mentee, as well as what they do in their personal life. When answering this question, a mentee may reveal certain aspects of their life that wouldn’t quite fall into the more career-driven questions.


A relationship with a mentor and mentee has to be built over time. These five questions are essential when building the bond between mentor and mentee.