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When you decide to mentor a local student or a workplace peer, both you and the mentee grow as a result. Mentoring students or fellow employees is an adventurous path to personal and professional growth. As you share knowledge, skills, and experience, you become a better person and a better employee. Moreover, the mentee benefits greatly from the mentoring relationship, gaining interpersonal and academic or professional skills. Often having a mentor can deeply influence a student’s or peer’s performance and level of success.


How Can Mentoring Make You a Better Person?


Mentoring has many benefits to both the mentor and the mentee. The time and effort you spend mentoring a student or coworker make you a better person in several ways.


  • Mentoring increases the mentor’s feelings of self-worth. Giving of your time, energy, and experience is a positive and caring way to feel better about yourself. Watching your mentee grow and change under your guidance is greatly rewarding. Self-worth commonly translates into positive relationships with others.


  • You will become a better communicator through mentoring. Mentoring requires the practice of active listening and effective speaking. Your mentee may come from a different background than your own, possibly making communication difficult. You may need to learn new ways of communication. This helps both the mentor and mentee gain new perspectives and creates open-mindedness.


  • Leadership skills can be honed while mentoring. In some large corporations, mentoring is strongly encouraged as a way for employees to get leadership experience before becoming a manager. In addition to creating possibilities for promotion, you develop positive interpersonal qualities like assertiveness, understanding, and kindness when you mentor.


  • As a mentor to a younger or less skilled student or worker, you will learn from your mentee. Although you are knowledgeable about your position, your mentee can bring new ideas and new ways of thinking about your work. The best mentoring relationships offer new knowledge both ways.


Certainly, becoming a mentor is a good idea for anyone looking to become a better person, both professionally and personally. Mentoring offers increased self-worth through watching your mentee grow. You learn active listening and effective speech and gain leadership experience. Mentoring also offers you an opportunity to learn. Mentoring is a positive activity that allows you to better yourself while helping someone else.