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I’ve recently highlighted how mentorship looks in the eyes of those who are actually acting as mentors. What has yet to be discussed is the impact of a mentor in the eyes of the mentee. Being a mentor is a huge responsibility and honor but for someone searching for a role model, there is even more at stake.


When it comes to picking the mentor who you believe will best suit your needs, it is crucial that you truly know the person. Within a professional setting, the person you choose should be able to guide you towards a successful career. They should want you to succeed while also keeping you grounded. Searching for the right mentor becomes challenging at times because it is often hard to determine the style they use before working closely with them. However, by observing their interpersonal skills, work ethics, and problem-solving skills you can gain an understanding of the way they will mentor.


Once you’ve found someone to take on the role of a mentor you have to hold them accountable to their end of your relationship. Mentees should always feel pushed and challenged by their mentor, in a good way, of course. Stepping out of your comfort zone is something that your mentor should be helping guide you through. New experiences occur all the time and having someone to help you through them will help for an even more rewarding experience.


Mentors should also support the development of weaknesses and highlight strengths. Those who have weaknesses in an area such as communications skills should instill a mentorship relationship with someone that thrives in that area. While many believe that you and your mentor should be similar, that is not always the best pair up. Finding someone who compliments your weaknesses is often a better match so that you have even more to learn from them.


Truly utilizing a mentor is something that many people neglect to do and down the line, regret. If you’ve developed a solid relationship, no question is too silly and no observation is too specific. You should know your mentor inside out over time. One of the best aspects of mentorship is that there is no limit to how much it can do for your future. You can have multiple mentors of all ages, genders, and experiences. They will all have something different to bring to the table to help you continue on a successful path.