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When starting out as a professional, it is important to find someone whose qualities and work ethic you admire. Confiding in a person that you believe will guide you towards a successful career can create a successful mentorship. As you develop professionally, you may find yourself taking on a mentorship role. Mentors have the ability to help shape the future of someone’s career. Some of the greatest mentors in history ended up influencing those who became great leaders themselves. Take a look at some of the most influential mentors who helped to shape the minds of so many around them.


Steve Jobs

The late-Apple founder will go down in history as one of the most successful tech professionals. His notable technology developments for Apple are ones that have helped to shape modern communication and lifestyle. While he wasn’t a man of publicity, he contributed a fair share of his earnings to charitable organizations. His behind-the-scenes philanthropic work was an outstanding example of how he influenced so many people on a global scale. Many successful professionals credit Jobs with their own success. Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg cherished Jobs’ advice when his own company was struggling. Jobs advised Zuckerberg to take a step back and figure out what his vision was for the company and not to give up until he succeeded. Many others felt as though Jobs’ innovative and creative thoughts are what led to his major success with Apple. In his own way, Steve Jobs set the bar quite high for the mentors of the future.


Martin Luther King Jr.

Named Michael King Jr., he was an American Baptist priest and dissident who turned into the most unmistakable representative and pioneer in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his part in uplifting social equality utilizing the strategies of peacefulness and common rebellion in light of his Christian convictions and motivated by the peaceful activism of Mahatma Gandhi. U.S. MLK Jr. is known for instilling passion within others and helping them to express themselves in the most peacful of manners. Though many disagreed with his tactics, he will go down as one of the biggest influencers of all time for speaking out against what is wrong and doing the right thing. Many people looked up to Dr. King and he was considered a mentor by many.