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Kevin Richardson Garrison is an established entrepreneur in the Dallas area of Texas.

Throughout his career, Kevin Richardson Garrison has been fortunate enough to find a great deal of success. With each new endeavor, Kevin has taken away a multitude of valuable lessons. Through his unparalleled portfolio of experience, Kevin looks to share his knowledge with those most deserving.

Mentoring youth has always been a passion of Kevin Richardson Garrison’s. Educating, training, and coaching underprivileged kids is truly a rewarding sector of his life. Establishing supportive and honest relationships with his mentees has been driving force of his career. What he is able to accomplish through his mentorships has been of greater value than anything he has done before.

Mentoring young people, whether it be for college or a career, offers both the mentor and mentored something of value.  Be it personally, academically, or professionally mentoring relationships have powerful, long-lasting impacts. Young people who have positive and supportive role models in their life are more likely to enroll in college, hold positions of leadership, and take part in philanthropic efforts.

For Kevin Richardson Garrison, mentoring youth requires a certain set of skills and characteristics. Not only should one have a sincere and authentic desire to help, but one should be an active listener, empathetic, and flexible. Mentors have a responsibility to help guide their mentee, offering insight and wisdom that they can apply to their lives.

Mentoring can help youth navigate challenging situations both socially and academically. For Kevin Richardson Garrison, being a consistent adult presence in a young person’s life has not only been rewarding for him but also educational.

As the proud owner of Twenty, Inc. Kevin Richardson Garrison hopes to provide mentees with valuable lessons about starting a business. Twenty, Inc. offers their clients a business partner who will facilitate the entire construction process including pre-construction concerns, development of construction budgets and production schedules, management of subcontractors and governmental entities and the finalization of all projects in the most time and cost-effective schedule as possible.

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